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Into the Woods

an exhibition of works concerning trees

Saturday 1st  - Sunday 8th July, 2017

As an exhibition Into the Woods explored the nature of our relationship to the natural world, and more particularly, trees - their significance in the landscape and their significance to us  as a practical working material, as a natural living form and through the myths and legends we have created around them. The artists were invited ‘into the woods’ to respond in their own way, using a variety of methods and materials. 


Andrew Eastwood 

Bill Evans 

Blaze Cyan 

Brian Cook 

Deb Catesby 

Edward Parkinson
Emma Safe 

Jane Tudge 

Niel Bally

Pippa Meddings 

Richard Bavin 

Roger Percival

Shannon Donovan
Trudi Foggo

Vivienne Sole

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