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A Moment in Colour & How the light gets in
landscapes by Fiona Potter and hand dyed fabric works by Sheenagh Davis

Saturday 2nd - Sunday 10th September 2023

The gallery is hosted this exhibition for 

Fiona’s contemporary landscapes capture the essence of the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. She studied painting en plein air (out of doors) in the picturesque Umbrian mountains, which had a substantial influence on her work resulting in a looser semi-contemporary style. Having settled back in Herefordshire, this is her first series of related works based on the county where she was born. Her inspiration comes from her love of the views from the Bromyard Downs towards the brooding borderlands of the Welsh mountains.

Morning Mist.jpg

Sheenagh's fabrics are created using leaves collected from hedges and trees. She uses a long and complex process to eco-dye and print re-cycled fabrics. Every piece is unique. She uses these beautiful fabrics to make the lampshades that you will see in the gallery. Each one brings the Bromyard countryside into your home.

Venue 20 on the trail

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